WELCOME TO Hardee's - Walkertown


3002 Old Hollow Road Street
North Carolina , Walkertown 27051


Phone: 336-595-3679

Business Hours

General Manager: Yuri Vazquez

At 4am we start beating the living dough out of biscuits. No help from any machine, save for the oven that dings every 15 minutes with fresh-baked goodness. Making food by hand should be the only way you make food, or you’ve no business doing it at all.

At all of our Hardee’s locations, we believe in "serving up support" while serving the best burgers in town. Our goal is to give back and support the local communities in which we serve by helping you to create an awareness for the people and causes that mean the world to you.  If you need help raising funds for your worthy cause – whether you’re a school sports team, booster club, church, food bank, or other not for profit cause or organization – we want to help. 

Talk to us about hosting an event, and we will donate a percentage of net food sales (excluding tax and gratuity). Remember, the more guests you bring into our restaurant, the more you will raise for your not for profit organization. Just contact your location’s Manager to make the arrangements, including help with promoting the event to your network of people.

10/16/17 “Fierce conversations help drive results, and bring positive change”
Post date:: 01/19/2018 - 8:19pm

10/16/17 “Fierce conversations help drive results, and bring positive change”